Thursday, December 9, 2010

Days and days

I know I have not being posting as I promise a while back nenes but mami is being tired lately getting used to the new medicines has taken a while so I am usually in bed around 9 o'clock this days so not much time for alone time.

Nenes Christmas is so close and the two of you are so excited every day we sing Christmas music and we do some kind of baking or holiday activity, however this week we being having a severe case of buggers hard to contain them when the three just love to hug and kiss and transfer your germies from mouth to nose and the circle goes on and on.....

Samia you are my little companion now days you are so talkative and so understanding and for some reason you are your sisters punching bag you get hit but you would not hit that caring personality you have...Amir by the way Samia loves to make you laugh and you love to be around her she makes you so contempt I love to see the two of you interact..she also loves to feed you nene and she is always making sure that you don't get inside of the bathrooms because is dangerous and so forth like always so caring.

Milo you have  become  a baby in a three year old you crawl, you want to be fed when you see me feeding Amir and you just love to bother and make Amir cry....not sure why but you are either making him cry or singing of the top of your lungs.  I took you to your 3 year check up and I was amaze to hear you are average in height and weight I always though of you as petite and very skinny but apparently you are just in track.  Nena I do have to admit you were a trooper they pinch and did a bunch of stuff to you and you behave like such a big girl.

Baba is being working allot I think he can not wait for the season to be over.

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Umm Omar said...

I love following your updates. Such a beautiful family. Get better!