Sunday, December 12, 2010

Staying warm

Is being a bit cold down here in the south..I know is nothing compare to the north part of the country.  Today after spending the whole day at home Samia said mami today we had a warm day and I said what do you mean nena?

Mami warm clothes
Mami warm house
Warm bath 
Warm chocolate!!!

She is so loving is hard to resist.

Here is a few pics from previous days but when I take the pictures with my cellphone I always forget to transfer them to my computer.

Last night we went for Chinese and Amir had a blast eating the cone and so did we did watching him!

Koskos keeps on showing up in our house every morning!  They love to look for him.

Gamila letting her friend Alexandra and her sissy work in her hair.

 This cake came out great after 3 recipes that call for milk in the ingredients  but opted not to included it in the directions so I finally made it my way...the girls love it and I know baba would as well, is just perfect is not too sweet but not too salty neither is like a crumb cake the texture.  

My Milo and my Gamila drinking their hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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