Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is in the air

A little recap..fall is in the air that is the only thing I hear at home 

"Mami the leaves are falling let's go and pick them up...sorry nenas but we live in a new subdivision and some idiot decided to cut all of the trees and we don't have any..so my other option is go to Dollar store and buy packs of leaves...."  Is sad I live in the middle of nowhere and there are no trees around my house.

Amir you have two teeth now and you are also trying to crawl...
Gamila you have stop sucking your finger FINALLY
Samia you have a huge crush in Hunter.....this are your comments lately 

Mami Hunter said he misses me
Mami Hunter told me what he is afraid of
Mami Hunter takes care of me in the swings.

Well Samia Hunter apparently also has a huge crush on you...the teacher confirm it today his mom was asking Who Samia was...apparently Hunter only talks about you.

Abu is leaving tomorrow yes tears are rolling down my cheeks as we I write this...I miss her so so so much, I wish my nenas miss me one day like I miss her...like always she is so helpful and f ull of ideas she even painted some stuff to fix their playroom and finally put under control las evillas and bracelets.

Only Abu's do that!!!

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MK said...

Awww. Beautiful pics! Our fall is not so pretty lol. Maybe we should buy leaves too :-) It is starting to get cooler though so that's a plus right?