Friday, October 8, 2010

Boys are cry babies

Yes Amir you are a cry baby...after having two girls dealing with a sick boy is like dealing with the whole family sick...since they are babies they show what wimps they are when they get sick...

I have never spend a night up trying to console a baby well Amir you showed me what that was.  Samia and Gamila were sick as babies but they were strong no wonder girls give birth and not boys, it shows since they are babies.

Well Amir you had again double ear infection the rate you are going you are going to need tubes pretty soon.  After taking you to your regular Dr. you started to  throw up and coughing too much so I had to take you to the Urgent Care, thank God to the nice Dr. that decided to give you an steroid shot for your congestion and an antibiotic shot...this calmed you down allot and you were able to sleep a bit better last night.  

Today you are doing better but still lost of crying..and to top it off Down in SOUTH Louisiana the girls school think it is necessary to have a FALL BREAK for God Sakes is freaking 90 degrees outside...FALL pa joderlas suena mas como un dia de pereza o varios dias de pereza....Yes I am a bit upset today between me healing not being able to carry nothing heavy but ended up carrying  Amir the whole day yesterday and today it is not helping.

Things said done and seeing around this house lately

  • Abu left on Wednesday and I miss her like crazy...
    Baba is working like crazy that 4th quarter has not even started yet and I feel he is never home.
  • I have lost 28 lbs in the last 5 weeks.
  • I am starting to make preparations for Gamila's Birthday my crazy girl is going to 3 already.
  • Amir you look just like your baba
  • Samia your platonic friend Hunter says I will miss you when you leave school
  • The girls are praying every night on their own is funny a mix of Muslim and catholic prayers
  • Samia asked me the other day if God falls from the sky and scratches his leg is Jesus going to take care of him. 
  • Gamila says she wishes she was a Doctor to take care of my wawas and Amir's

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Salma said...

I hope the ear infections go away, I have heard boys and girls are so different. I guess I will see soon enough.
The girls are growing so fast and beautifully.