Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am back

I know I have not been kind to my blog, but it was not my fault I being under lots of anesthesia lately...but I am finally out of that and back home in a bit of pain here and there but overall doing better.  Thank God for Abu not sure if I could had done it without her.  

This last week I been home taking it easy and trying to recuperate before I am left alone once again.  Few things that being happening lately.

Amir has 2 bottom tooth and he is about to crawl kind of young at 7 months but is about to.

Samia and Gamila like always spending time with Abu, and asking many questions Samia the other day you asked baba 

If God falls of the sky does Jesus cures him????

Baba working allot getting ready for his busy season.

Mami taking it easy.  Promise I will be back with more stories and pictures soon.


Salma said...

Thanks for the update, glad you're on the mend. The girls are sweet as ever and Amir is too sweet.

MK said...

Glad you're doing better! Its fun in this almost crawling stage isn't it? Kalila keeps yelling at Zavier "you can do it!" lol. I love the print behind your last picture (can't tell if its a pillow/blanket or what, but gorgeous).