Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zucchini Patties -- And much more

Just a few pictures of what we being up to lately for some reason the last two days have not being so hot so we have spend more time outside.  Yesterday the girls play none stop while baba was fixing some stuff the funniest thing is this picture Samia was posing for me and little Milo tried doing the same pose but she could not it was just so funny.  

Samia today you have not stop talking about Hunter a little boy in her class, he was with her last year she is so excited about him, making cards for him and pictures and asking me if he could come over her house for a play date it was just so funny hearing her talk none stop about Hunter.  Milo you are so different from Samia just look at your boots you don't care about fashion at all.

While outside las nenas had a blast.

Now that the school year started we are reading two different books every night..Samia is allow to check out a book from the library everyday and Gamila the same so every night we have a different book to read, I actually love it.  I decided to start taking a picture of the books this way las nenas one day see the books they read while they were growing up.

Yesterday after playing outside Samia decided she wanted to have a tea party for us the best part was that she included Amir.  Samia don't ever change always remember we are the hand..always remember what mami has teach you we are hand and the hand does not come apart..

Samia yesterday while you were outside playing you started picking all of these leaves and decided we could use them as paint brushes your idea was great and I just love the fact you think like that.  

Today you also mention that you would love to make a movie with paper I think that my duty as a mami is to come with a way to help her with that, nenes the best thing an individual can do is use their imagination never be afraid to do what your imagination tells you to do.  You only learn by trying!

Last night after everybody went to bed mami decided to go to the movies, I just enjoy it so much being there all by myself I watch Eat, Pray and Love ~~~~ I had tried to read the book a couple of months ago and it was so boring I did not even finish it and for those that know me with books that is not an easy task for me to do...after watching the movie I want to give the book a try.  I found the movie to be a good one...makes you think a little bit.

Few random thought"

Would that mosque near WTC would ever be build?????  I was in NYC when that happen and I can say from experience there were many Muslims in that building the day of that tragedy? Is a touchy subject but this is the country where anything can happen so is not impossible.

The other day I had the opportunity to talk to a very nice old lady and I asked her something that is always in my head " Would my children be confuse with the two religions?  Her answer was awesome ...she told me teach them the two they would ask questions as they grow and our duty is to answer them to the best of our knowledge.  However the part that really catch my attention was what she used to tell her children as they were growing up.  "Kids you were born in to the Catholic club but there are many other clubs out there and you are more than welcome to go and visit them and decide which club you want have a membership with. I just love the way she said it  Hopefully I am wise enough to teach my children the same.

And finally my cooking with Samia she is getting very good in the kitchen and she enjoys it.  Since we are leaving in a couple of days I am trying to clean out the fridge so we had a few zucchinis in hand and we made Minni patties.

Zucchini Patties

3 Zucchinis
1 Onion
1 Egg
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
I use Garam Masala for a little Indian taste
3 Tbs of while flour
3 Tbs of wheat flour
1 Tsp baking power

Take the zucchini and grate it
Grate the onion
I take a piece of tulle and put the mixture in there and squeeze it to remove the water from the zucchini and the onion.  (make sure you leave no water, I find my tulle to be the most effective way)
Then mix the egg
Then add your spices you want
Then add the flour, baking power
Put the oven at 425 
In a cookie sheet spread some olive oil
Then with a spoon drop little balls
Cook 15 minutes in one side then flip to other side  and press
Cook another 15 minutes


Umm Omar said...

that zucchini looks delicious! I'l have to try it.
I really love following your blog. You always have such beautiful words for your children and you capture such beautiful moments with them. May Allah protect them. About the religion issue-I couldn't imagine raising my children with 2 different religions to be honest, but I know people who do and I see that they are great parents, like you. They are sending their children a message of tolerance that is beyond talk. I think, either way, everyone in this world comes to a point where they decide what "club" they want to be a part of. I was raised Muslim, but there was a distinct time in my life where I chose to be Muslim, and I think most adults share that same experience.

Sole Sister Salma said...

Hey, from my understanding the mosque is in fact an Islamic centre? Also, it would be about 4 blocks away, not the idea that we all have that there would be a mosque right at Ground Zero.

On the other hand, 2001 was not very long ago. People are still hurting, so I think Americans deserve to have the time to grieve. I think the Islamic Centre could be built elsewhere.

Personally, no one can deny that Muslims were killed that day which says a whole lot about the act that was committed. Muslims have not had a chance to grieve about their losses, because many individuals just want to say it was in "our" hands.

I DO NOT support any form of terrorism, that's what we should be fighting against. We should not be fighting against a whole community of people.
On another note: love the pics of the girls. I hope they have a great year at school.

Khadra said...

You are so patient and good with your kids. I wish I knew how you did it. Im so tired and making food with the kids makes me more exhausted. Crafts are scary because they leave messes that are impossible to clean. Not saying I dont do these things with the kids, but you do it so frequently and with such enthusiasm. I want to be you when I grow up :)

Mistika said...

Umm Omar - I love to reading your comments they are always so wise and comforting.

Sole Sister Mama - I just wander what ever is going to happen with that!
How are you feeling this days?

Khadra - Trust me is not easy at times, sometimes I feel they take over the house and I am the minority..