Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nature Elements

So I finally took the jump....for weeks now I being searching and searching this new idea about air plants.

My little notebook was fill with ideas to decorate, but now that I have my little girls on hand I am getting a joy of decorating different items with them.  I am trying to find all kind of vintage crystals and using earth items to find them homes.

This plants are so easy to care for that even Samia has one in her room, I will even to venture to say they would look great in a nursery, kitchen in other words anywhere.

I just open a store in Etsy but I will be also be setting up a blog...

Go in there and take a look.  I think they are great gift ideas specially when you don't know what to give, the prices are also very affordable.

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MK said...

Nice! Those are really cute. I would be afraid of breaking them though... esp with the kids. All our nice stuff is put away (or up very very high) until the kids are older :-/