Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Enjoying the family

On Sunday we arrive after a great trip with three kids...let me just summarize it by saying that mami bought a magazine in New  Orleans airport and the nenes were so good that I was able to read it from beginning to end by the time the plane landed in Miami.

After arriving we went to visit Tio Fabio as always we were welcome with a nice Sancocho yummy in my tummy.

Being here in Miami makes me so happy I get to see what Abuelo's are for to spoil and enjoy los nenes...I could go on and on about the stuff they do for the kids...

 Only grandparents believe two little girls need a king bed to sleep!

Gamila you now have a routine with nono MATE time every afternoon after nono gets home from work.

 Amir you are driving Abuela boba like me....what is it you have nene that you are driving us banannananannansssss

 Since las nenas did not have a table to eat Nono though they needed one so off he went in the middle of his lunch to get this table for them....oh an a small able also requires some Happy about spoiling them!

Amir don't get to use to being held nene back home there is only one set of arms at all times and those arms have to be share.

Duck be careful.....let me explain this in Abu's house they have a glass sliding door that can be very dangerous FYI Abuela, Mami, Nono and the list can go on have tried to walk out an bump hit the glass Nono the artist to avoid that from happening drew this beautiful duck that the girls crafty Nono.

Amir sorry nene but sometimes you need some quiet and peace and what a better place than the bathroom!  Yes that was mami's idea, because Abu and Nono were screaming at me for putting you in there.

Yes nenas you have Nono wrap around your finger.

Amir here are your cloth diapers design by nono he goes crazy with pampers and think that they hurt you, so he does not mind getting wet he made you this diapers with his white 100% cotton shirts.....

Trying to learn how to jump rope video to follow with nono teaching you guys...

And Amir has gotten the chance to take a bath outside like mami used to do when she was little girl in her Abuela' home back in Chinchina Colombia, this is one of the many memories I have from her house.  Since is very hard for Abu to be bending down to give him a bath she baths him outside in their outside sink...which I will tell you guys why they have one in a few minutes.  Back home all homes have one of this so people can wash their clothes outside...we call it fregadero.

Nenes I always talk about Nono and his orchids here they although they are not blooming right now, however he does have one inside the house that is fully in bloom would take pictures of it later so you can see they nice, and I am dying to be able to have them and keep them blooming, I will venture to say Nono has had this orchids maybe 10 years or more, and they keep coming back.

This is his new addition to his plants, he found this plant and put it here, look at it is so pretty and the interesting part about it is the spikes it has.

And why does nono has a fregadero outside, even though I don't have his blood we have one thing in common the anal retentive when it comes to being clean he washes his pots and puts them outside so they can get dry.

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MK said...

Sounds like yall had fun! :-D

I love the t-shirt diaper :-D I haven't made any out of them, but I've read online of people doing that lol. I did, however, use a receiving blanket once. Whatever works right?

And the baby in the bathroom made me smile. Sometimes we have to improvise right? If it works.... :-D