Wednesday, September 1, 2010 water, shopping, food family etc

I know I being forgetting to post but for some reason although I have Abu's help there is always something going on I will just make a quick recap of what we being up to:

The other day I took the girls to the park by Abu's house while Nono stayed home with Amir..those two are bonding so much.

Last Saturday was Charlies actual birthday so we went to his house to visit him and Samia, Gamila and Charlie played so much together it was so pretty seeing them interact.

Gamila you still drink your mate with your Nono every night you are his afternoon companion.

I been driving allot and all the time pass areas that I used to visit for instance today I came across my high school and the apartment complex Abuelo used to live.

The other day we also went to Chucki Cheese Abu always makes sure to take the girls there they just love it...boy are they spoil.

 I remember growing up and having all of these stuff is amazing how everything comes back...what does this kitty has that drives us crazy.

Last Sunday we went to visit a nice outdoor mall here by the house and I could not believe my eyes they have a Hello Kitty store, not sure who had more fun Mami or las nenas. While there we got the girls some Hello Kittie's at Making a Bear the best part was when they ask Gamila was she was going to name hers her response Hello Kitty Flower.

And today we spend the day at the pool.

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