Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Bday baba!

Today we waited for baba anxiously from all the days he had to stay to work till very late, so after we finish all of our decorations and cake the girls started getting very impatient waiting for baba.

Samia help me allot with the cake, I was not sure what to design, I always make him the cake and always my caramel cake but I wanted to put something on top Samia wanted to decorated but I know baba is not a fan of frosting.  So we came up with the great idea of making a pond with fishes and baba  being the fisherman.
This was the final product and baba love it.

Samia was so excited with her baba's cake she could not stop looking at it the whole day, she look at it and open the frige maybe a thousand times.

She also made the wrapping paper for baba;s boots she loves to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

well Happy Bithday!It looks like the baby's inside the cake in the last picture!LOL que divertido!