Friday, July 23, 2010

Ready for the show!

Amir you are so attach to me...yes you see me and you get all happy I let you go and your happiness become cries...and the truth nene I enjoy the fact that you are so attach to mami is awesome...I just hope that when you are 22 you are the same way..hahaha no pues mami tan confiada

Christmas in July yes that is what Samia would be dancing to tomorrow, her dance summer camp finish today and tomorrow is her Show off like she calls it.  They call it Christmas in July today she got home all excited wanting to do things for the show, so she took all of these stickers and she glue them to her headband..the funny part is when she tried to take it off it all got stuck to her hair...and Gamila like always you are imitating your sissy.

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