Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All of us playing

Still one adult in the house, hopefully baba comes back my days are filled of children activities, here is a little recap of my days.

 They love to play with the bird feeder and yes I have seeing birds taking baths in there...well that is when the nenas don't have it full of rocks.

 My little man loves to play with his drum, this drum has being in the house since Samia was a baby

 He is starting to sit down, oh and last night I sew him this little bib more to keep the drooling from getting to his shirt...all recycle stuff....ahy nene and you are eating away everyday.

Banana bread with the help of las nenas...Samia has become a great helper.


Stylomom said...

Hi Mistika.. so long i've not been here and its so lovely to see how your lovely nenas have grown, from the last time, they looked that they have grown bigger and putting on weight nicely... they all look so cute and happy, I can tell they enjoy photo taking of them. Its really wonderful to see their happy faces.

Anonymous said...

Awww... I need to get Kalila involved in helping me bake. Cute pics and love the drum. Kalila has the keyboard like it (I can't stand the thing lol). I wish she'd gotten the drum instead. Oh well.