Saturday, July 24, 2010

Christmas in July

So so many pictures I took today...I had not had a such a wonderful day for a was Samia's last day in dance camp so we had a nice recital very short but it was awesome and see her dance so well the funniest part was at the beginning of the her dance she was given glitter to scatter when she first enter...and like we all know my super manic clean little girl the glitter got stuck to her hands so here she is in the middle of the stage making sure her hands are fully clean before she walked out of the stage.  Samia you looked  beautiful the truth is that every time you dance in public I cry..I can not believe how fast you are growing.

Milo you went with me to see Samia you found this miniature castle right next to the auditorium it is so cute I wish I could have one of those in my backyard.

Milo before the show started you wanted to pick some flowers for yoru sister Gamila you love Samia I can see it in your eyes how you want to be just like you sister Samia...nena always remember Samia would always be your best friends.

After the show we came home to pick up piles of grass..yes baba cut the grass today so he waited for his nenas to help him pick up...oh my God I feel so much for the people who work in the lawn service that is not an easy  job to do, actually Samia and Gamila helped us allot getting us bags and bags.

After so much picking up the nenas needed some nice meals so baba made us some snow crabs I had forgotten how tasty does legs can be oh and las nenas eat and eat they wanted more and more....Samia was getting impatient about not having enough food in her plate fast enough.

After a nice meal and the sun finally went down and the heat also went away we went outside to have some fun even Amir got to enjoy playing with the girls.

I will upload of Samia's dance shortly

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Sole Sister said...

What beauty in one are a lucky mama.