Wednesday, June 30, 2010

La porrista a lo inglish The Cheerleader - I want food

Lets start by Samia since Monday nena you have being attending a Cheerleader Camp it is teach by the Nicholls University Cheerleader it was really nice and I could tell you really enjoy it.

Today was her show she did very well I was actually impress for only 3 days 4.5 hours everyday they learn allot.  I went to the presentation with Amir and Gamila, I was impress how well they behave specially since it was a long event.

 Gamila was trying to imitate their moves.  Nenas you guys get so sad every time one is drop off and the other is not.

I know I have said this before but sometimes my mind is not the best bathing three children, drying them up dressing them up brushing their hair and teeth is not a smooth ride sometimes and mami misses things or maybe overlooks some stuff like Gamila's shoes: The other day I put Gamila's tennis shoes to my surprise 10 hours later I realize Gamila was wearing one of her tennis shoes and the other was Samia's   I do recall   the shoes coming off two times during the day, and Samia mentioning Gamila had her shoes on and I told her you silly girl...well the SILLY MAMI was me.

Amir last time I took you to the Dr. she did mention about starting you in solids I had tried a couple of weeks ago with a little piece of banana but you were not ready well to my surprise last night I tried with a little cereal and juice and boy did you enjoy your self getting a different taste in your mouth even your sister enjoy feeding you.

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AlabasterMuslim said...

Wow I didn't realize children start eating solids so young! I guess its really not that young but i guess I never thought about it. Anyway, the shoe story was soooooooooooooo funny haha you such a cute mom! Mashallah haha.