Monday, July 19, 2010


The summers days are long and is just so hot outside that I have to come up with ideas to keep Samia away from the TV and the other day while at a craft store we came across and apron, for some reason I always want and apron but I never get to buy it....I always tell baba buy it as a gift and it never happens. 

Then when I saw this white apron I remember all the fabric markers tio Fabio gave us the last time he came over and I figure Samia and Gamila could draw one for me and make them draw one each year as they grow up.  I was glad it kept them very busy for a good part of the afternoon.


Gamila you love to hold your baby brother.

Amir yesterday you turn 5 months gosh time flies.  You are a such a good baby happy all the time and you love to eat and be held while we watch TV...oh nene and thank you, you are letting mami sleep the whole night from 7:30 I put you down till about 7:00 the next morning, you also take 2 naps during the day....although nene I am sorry sometimes the going out to pick up your sisters can mess up your schedule but I guess that is the 2nd and 3rd child syndrome.

My vegetable garden has come to an end the Zucchini plant gave up on me, however Amir you did get to eat them I made you some baby food the tomato plant still giving me a few tomatoes, I still have the Anaheim pepper and some okra.  The other day I took the oregano and I dry it up.

I first wash it very carefully
I then let it dry and with a piece of dental floss I made little bunches
Then I let it outside to dry for a couple of days
Then I separated the leaves and put it my condiment rack...and wallah we have oregano for the rest of the year.

 When does mami rest? not much during the day however when I finally put down everybody at night I am usually tired and I just want to catch a movie or watch my novelas ...they are some good ones now days....I can not wait for las nenas to get older and watch them with is baba the one who is always hearing me rant about them..although he does not speak spanish he is always interested in my I am watching....Donde esta Elena.....Rosario Tijeras

However since my nenas love to wake up so so so early something like 6:30 AM I staring to put them to take a nap during the day at least 30 minutes...however when I do get to do that I have Amir awake...although I tend to take him to his room and lay him in the bed he loves to watch everything in there is so full of color.

Dangerous......keep away or in other words be careful with Gamila.yesterday while I was in the room changing Amir and baba was with Samia in the bathroom...Gamila decided she wanted to drink something and she needed a glass...I had never seeing her doing this but I had notice that she would come out with a glass out of yesterday when I heard the chair move I knew it had to be her so I came outside I catch this...of course I had to tell her never to do it again...she can fall and I don't want to even think about now I put the glasses low that way she can always serve herself water....

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