Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting ready for la Fiesta! YAllah

Tomorrow is baba's big day yep his birthday.  The girls are super excited since yesterday they being working in his decorations, and tomorrow I we will bake him his cake like always and prepare a yummy meal.

Amir you love to see your sisters doing their thing you stay so calm and enjoy hearing them.

Nene you are also flipping already and moving all over the crib....and you love to giggle when you see your mami.

Gamila you are into bitting now poor SAmia, Mami and today Amir felt your teeth and then you felt the chancla.

Now the favorite word at home is are AWESOME mami o Samia you are AWESOME Gamila you are AWESOME And so and on.

Oh and today we went into the pool is so hot 

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