Monday, July 26, 2010

Bling bling Happy Birthday ABUELA

A few things..once again I am alone this week.  It gets easier after a few days las nenas are very helpful mainly Samia, Gamila is a whole different story.

Today is Abuelas Birthay HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMI, Y ABUELA we miss you so much but hopefully I will be in Miami in a couple of weeks..

So nenes always remember Abuela's birthday is July 26. We have allot of birthdays in July and baba's is in 3 days woppy we are ready to party then.

Bueno nenas a little about mami these days mami is either cooking, cleaning, changing pampers, feeding three little mouths, reading, crocheting and a little sewing here and there.  (cono I hope this video uploads I being trying to upload Xmas in July and for some reason right at the end it fails)  While I am typing this post, Amir is sleeping, Samia and Gamila are in bed.  

We got las nenas this new shoes that Samia introduce to us, to tell you the truth they are so cute they light up, I even like them, I was telling baba they would be great for clubbing a shame they did not have them when I was in my clubbing stage...Nenas you imagine mami dancing cumbia and vallenato with those shoes HAHAHAH, the girls are even sleeping with the shoes next to them.

Yesterday we also went to the movies it was the first time Gamila goes to the movie was so cute I loved it Ramona and Beezus Samia had seeing the commercial and wanted to see it.  I am not to fond of children movies specially the cartoons or those 3D shows so when I found out this was a real family and most important of all Aiden was going to be there yes Sex on the City Aiden I figure I cheat and go..not always you get the opportunity to see him in a children movie.

Today the day was raining and raining this weather down here is insane so we stayed homes the girls did a few crafts and they are working in some butterfly fans we made would show pics tomorrow, after they dry up from so much glue they put.

This is some of the art work for this past week.

They also played hair salon that was the funniest Samia trying to keep Gamila down wearing the cape but in real it was Amir's blanket.

Samia lately you say the funniest thing you are always saying you are growing up...what is the rush to be big nena???

Finally the video uploaded.....

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Me encanto el video!!!