Monday, June 28, 2010

So many things to remember

A little recap of what we being up to lately, is funny  but the only way I can remember is by looking at the pictures, having three kids is not easy and specially since I am a clean freak and order freak, I can not have the kitchen dirty for longer than 20 minutes.  The playroom has to be pick up everyday a couple of times, I can not accumulate my laundry....I know nenes but mami has a issues with mess.  I can not see myself walking in top of your books or your toys.

I though I was going to be able to relax a little bit after Amir but no while he is sleeping I am cooking and making sure everything is tiddy up, Abuela tells me she was the same way and she still is even to this day.

Bueno pero es mi forma de ser y no voy a cambiar por ahora!  

Amir now you go in the pool with the mermaids like they call themselves not sure what name they have given you when you get yourselves in the water....Samia you love to jump and you splash Amir and he gets scared and start crying I can just imagine in a couple of years the three of you jumping and playing in the water and splashing would not be an issue.

 Last Thursday Samia and Baba went to the circus and the next day Samia was an animal trainer and poor Yuyu was the victim.  She did many tricks or so she thinks...

We are still very much into the World Cup and with Argentina making it we are so excited for the next game although I know is a hard game there is a chance...what else can Argentina want here is Amir in a little town in Louisiana watching them and cheering for them.  I just love to see my little man sitting in baba's chair. Nene this particular day was Sunday and you were sitting next to me and I wonder how in a couple of years you will be my soccer body with baba...hopefully las nenas too, but for sure you nene.

Nenas today was the first day you help me bath Amir, Samia you were in charge of the water, Gamila you were in charge of the washing cloth.


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I love Amir in that little pool. 100% gorgeous all around.