Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nada, Baila y Bano

Nada nada!!!
Yes Samia finish her 3 week session swimming with the Red Cross, I am very impress with her improvement.  Last year my Samia would not even get close to the ladders of a pool, I remember being with Alexandra and Samantha and Samia would not even get into the water and today my girl jumps from a trampoline in an olympic pool.

Is so hot down here in Lousiana so baba took her to watch the final day presentation and to see how much she had learn he also took the camera and I am not sure nenes if I have ever mention this but when baba gets hold of the camera he does not take one or ten pictures, baba takes hundreds yes I am not sure what takes over him but I think he loves the clicking sound of the camera.

Gamila you keep on going to your dance classes, the teacher today told me you are very different from Samia you don't stop talking in class making comments and request.

Amir today I took you for your 4 month old check up everything is on schedule, you have also started to spend some time sitting down in your high chair, something I have notice is that you love to see your sisters in front of you talking and singing to you.  I think you enjoy Gamila's clumsiness around you.

And some bath time


MK said...

Awww! I only took swim classes once, prob should have again though lol. Love the sneakers w/ the dance clothes :-D. And Amir is a cutie!

Salma said...

Amir's got the biggest most gorgeous eyes.
Gamila doesn't stop talking in dance class? What else would she do..she is so cute really.