Monday, June 21, 2010

So many things are changing around here for starters Amir is starting to try to sit he laughs aloud now and loves to be tickle, I have also started to give him more formula since he is requiring much more milk.  He also loves to laugh at you when you are feeding him.

He loves to sit in our legs and watch the games with us, I think is the movement back and forth that he loves to watch...Amir nene you still hate being in the car, you can cry for a very long time when you are in the car, I am hoping you outgrow that, I am actually taking you everywhere this days hoping you get used to it.

Yesterday was Father's Day the girls spend a long time making the wrapping paper for baba and his 80 cards that they drew, they just love making that and they were so excited for the surprise in the morning we made pancakes and the whole time las nenas were asking when are we going to give him his surprise.

After el nono came, baba has become and expert in doing parrillada plus he loves it and he makes it very tasty.  

The other day we went out and purchase a pool we had gotten a big one but this backyard is not even so we had to return it and get a smaller one the girls love it and I sometimes get in there with them to play with them and to cool off sometime this week I will be putting Amir in there.


AlabasterMuslim said...

They read the girl who played with fire?? I'm curious about that, since I know its for an older audience. Are they able to sit and read/or listen to it being read? What I mean is, do they have the patience? Even at their age I loved listening to books being read, I wouldn't be surprised if they could!

Salma said...

I missed my gorgeous Mistika. Amir looks more and more like you everyday, what a sweetie pie.

I caught your baby dust *Smiles*

Anonymous said...

the baby's getting so big!I just updated myself on your blog, sorry I've been away for so long, Me gustaria coprar un alberca tambien, pero para mi!!Me muero de calor!