Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainny days

The last couple of days have being inundated with rain...I am hoping it stops soon Abuela and Nono are arriving tonight for Samia's recital and to spend some time with Guido and Zetu..last time they were here we never got around having our two sets of parents together I think is going to be lots of fun.

Here are a few more of the activities we have being doing the last couple of days, although Samia already started her T-ball but because of the rain her second practice got cancel yesterday.

The day before yesterday we did some crafts with foil paper, glue and card board.  I got the idea from here.  In reality Samia does it perfectly Gamila still too small  but she likes to spend time with her sister Milo you think you are big like her, and the way you talk drive me crazy I just love your reasoning.

Amir - you still despise the car that chair makes you crazy you can cry for a whole ride...from the 3 you are the only one that does that.

Today it rain again so today we clean house and the girls did a craft and eat it..well Milo never got around to finish it because she made sure she ate all of the fruit loops.  I gave each of the girls muffin tins so they separated the fruit loops by color then I gave them yarn and they did a necklace and a bracelet in the colors of the rainbow.

Random things:

Milo you love to play baby there are two games you are hte baby and I have to carry you and play I am feeding you and burp you and change your pamper.  Or you are the mami and you sit with a baby and try to feed him when I am feeding you.

Milo you also love to be next to Amir to the point you scare me and him pobresito my nene with Gamila we all run boy can that girl be persistent I am starting to think is an Elashry trait.

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