Monday, May 31, 2010

Experiments ~ Ice Cream Cup Cakes ~

With school being out it means I have to keep the girls super busy this way they don't get bored.   Yesterday baba had Samia do an experiment that came in her National Geographic magazine...I love this magazine is so much fun and she loves to look at it and do the activities.

They did the penny cleaning with vinegar and salt, she was amaze how clean her pennies had become.

I usually have them do an individual activity just because Samia really enjoys that one to one interaction plus she is older so it makes sense.  

Samia now that we are talking about you, today you came to me and told me we needed to have the house very clean for Abuela on Friday and you also wanted to have flowers for her everywhere. 

I thought that was so beautiful of you, is amazing how much you are already absorbing from what mami says...yes nenes every time we are having guest over the house the house has to be clean and we should have flowers as well as a fridge full with drinks and food.  Always make sure there is extra toilet paper and towels in the bathroom we have to make our guest feel at home, if they are sleeping over make sure you change the sheets before they arrive and after they leave.

In the afternoon we did some cooking together I wanted them to play with dough get the texture and by they way they prepared their own lunch...I was really amazed how long they stay playing with the dough and how much fun they had.  Samia was more focus in making sure her food was going to get made, Gamila enjoy allot the texture and playing and  playing.

They came out yummy they made some bread hot dogs and some small apple empanadas.

Today we played a bit watch some TV and then we did some baking we did this cool, Ice Cream Cupcakes yes you are reading right they are fill with cupcakes the girls love this.


Kim said...

Every time I read your blog I am reminded of what an AMAZING mother you are to your two girls - it shows in everything you do. They, and Amir, are going to grow up to do great things and all because they got such a solid and loving foundation from you and Baba! MISS YOU!

Khadra said...

you are a brave woman leaving that computer on the table near all of their "work"!