Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Uff what a mix!

Ufff yes that is how I feel many things went on this past couple of days..for starters Abu and Nono arrived on Friday to spend a couple of days with the girls and of course with mami, they also got the chance to meet Guido and Zetu..they had already met Guido but never Zetu.

On Saturday we went to Samia's dance recital.  Sunday was her big day so we went to the dance recital it was so beautiful she did great well they all did.  Samia was so excited having her family there and Bonnie and Alexandra came over making everything much better.  Those two love each other dearly it was so beautiful seeing Samia smile when she finish her show and she finds her friend Alexandra with flowers and a balloon.

Afterwards we did Asado (BBQ) yes with nono home there has to be Asado, it came out great they all love it.  I just love to see the exchange of culture how we all accommodate to each other likes, foods and costumes is just awesome.

Monday was also full of things to do, we went to swimming lessons and then Tball game wow this little girls has so many activities going on but she loves it and I have to admit although I have to be driving around I enjoy it as well. 

Today I am back home alone with out Abu and I miss them so much, having Nono home is so much fun he is full of energy there is always a spark in his face I just love being around him we joke none stop the whole day..

Few things I have notice lately "Why do kids want to grow up so fast"  Samia the only thing you say is when I grow up when I am big I am getting big...nena I can guarentee you that when you read this you will be like gosh if I only knew how much fun it was to be small.

Another thing that made me laugh, I send Samia to the room to relax read a book lay in her back and rest and now she locks her door ,,,well you can believe it I went in there and prohibited...,,at 4 and locking her door I Don't Think SO!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mistika,
It has been a while since I commented, but I always read your blog. Your children are beautiful and you are so blessed to have your family around you.

Maria Eugenia