Saturday, May 29, 2010

Veggies Veggies

I am so happy with my mini veggie garden I never though it was going to work I even had Guido build another raised bed because the Zucchinis started expanding too my first time growing them and boy can they grow and take over everything.

We moved them about a week ago and just now they are getting back into place.  We also had to move the peppers and the eggplant.

We all love going out there and picking some veggies, watering the plants, cutting some death leaves and so forth.  Las nenass love picking the tomatoes and having one of us cut some strawberries for them.  Is something I will keep on doing is a great experience and also teaches the kids.

Yesterday we all went to the park actually was the first time I venture to the park and the supermarket with all the kids it was not that hard, I figure I have to start getting ready Guido and Zetu would be leaving soon.  Las nenas enjoy themselves in the park, Amir was just under the shade.

Samia had great social skills school is the best, Gamila on the other hand you are a very moody gal, a lady was giving you a complement about how cute you were and the only face you gave her was your nalga face....I hope you change this summer because starting August you will be in school.

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