Friday, May 28, 2010

Mami time

Yesterday I had a very nice day I felt I was 25 again in New York City, yes I went to see the much awaited movie Sex On The City 2..what can I say I did not think the movie was that great, too much glitter everywhere.  

However being at the movies by myself remind me how much fun I had when I was single and I will go to the movie theater in Time Square right next to the Wax Museum..yesterday I realize that I still enjoy sitting in the movie theater by myself and the truth is that I think I enjoy it more now than before maybe I treasure it more just some me time no phone no people moment of quite just me and that huge TV screen that I don't have to share with no body or I don't have to see little people walking in front of me or having to raise the volume so I can hear.

Amo ser mama pero tanmbien tengo que aceptar que es una responsibilidad enorme sobretodo cuando estas todo el tiempo con esas personitas y no tienes nadie que te de la mano, depronto un esposo que llega cansado de trabajar, al cual tambine le tienes que tener consideracion ya que esta trabajando para que te puedas quedar en casa cuidando estas personitas.

Nenes aveces nos sentimos cansados es normal y lo mejor que se puede hacer es hablar y decir como nos sentimos aunque en esa conversacion no llegemos a una solucion el solo hecho de hablar nos ayuda ver las cosas de otra perspectiva.

Is okey to say not everything is okey, there is no perfection in life nenes working to make it perfect is what life is all about, because along that journey you would find new things in live that would keep you going, amores life is like a carousel you go up and down but you always have a safe landing.

This week has being a very tough week I have learn many new things, I have also discover that tension can make me very sick and that people can do imaginable things with their mind, that what we hear is not always what other mean, and the people close to you can sometime have very strong minds that make you sick and confuse you.  Nenes always trust your instincts and always keep your enemies close.  I know I am a bit strong today but not everything is bubbles and beauty, is also my duty as a mami to let you now that things can sometime be stormy out there.  But always be true to yourselves and do what you think is right what makes you happy....your decisions are yours and you would always have to come to terms with them so do what makes you happy after all you are the one that lives with them forever.  

Dont' do things to make others happy, remember your happiness is the most important thing.

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AlabasterMuslim said...

I hope things start looking up soon, if they have not already. You are giving very good advice (or knowledge) to your daughters, because you are right, not everything is always sunshine.

I had a friend see sex in the city and she didn't like it since it was saying a lot of wrongs things about saying the woman who are belly dancers get to be 'naked' since they were dancing for 'RELIGIOUS' MEN, which of course no religious man would do that. Plus they said woman wear the scarf so they don't have a voice....farthest from the truth!! But you should definitely keep going to the movies if that is what you like, some alone time is always needed. :D