Saturday, May 15, 2010


We are back!!  Missed not fishing today but back to reality.  Last week we went for a few days of sun, beach and fishing we all had a great time can not complain.  We all got to do a little of what we love, the girls love the beach playing with the sand and the ocean, the sea was rough and choppy but my surprise they were fearless specially Samia.

 Samia we have always take you to the beach since you were like 6 months, mami loves the water although baba was raised in a city by the Mediterranean sea he is not much of a beach goer this days, but for his nenes I guess he takes it.  Gamila you played scared like usually and then start enjoying it, not sure why you have this charming personality of playing hard ad the beginning and then enjoying the fun.

Mami and baba along with Guido went fishing on a boat on Monday it was so awesome we first were by the bay and starting fishing we catch some sheepheads, blues and drums.  Afterwards we went out further on the sea, although the sea was so choppy we could barely stand and we got to fish pompano it was amazing I just love fishing and now baba loves it as much as I do.  Is one of those hobbies we have to do together I have told him to go alone many times with friends and he would always say  no that is our thing like he says.  Nenes Inshallah when all of you get older we can all go fishing and make it a family fun thing to do.

Guido and Zetu had lots of fun as well Amir since you are still so small we just took you to the park, Zetu spend most of the time with you in the cabin, on the other hand nenas you guys enjoy the beach and the pier as well as the park with us many times.

Samia you had your first experiences fishing this past week, you are still little but you like it. 

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Stylomom said...

Wow what a wonderful holiday with the kids - I never liked the sea, the sand, the sun and the ship... its something I cant get used to and Im glad my husband too.. you look like you really enjoyed it. Great really!