Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random.... Bread pie and pitas

Here at home things are doing good the girls love spending time with Guido and Zetu.

And as you can imagine Zetu and Guido cook for them none stop make them cookies, bread patties and every single thing they ask for.

Having Zetu here I have learn many new things in the kitchen.

For instance the pita bread I finally learn to make it to perfection. First off all that oven has to be steaming hot.

Today we did a meat pie or like others would call it a Calzone.

Make the dough..for that I really have not measurements I just use 1 cup of regular flour and the rest wheat flour, she has teach me how to amazarlo the right way. I am hoping one day I can make a cook book with everything I have learn from her and give it to the girls. Nenas Abuela is not much of a cook, the kitchen scares her, however she is great in everything else around the house.

Meat pie

1 cup of white flour
3 cups of wheat flour
2 cups of warm water (nenas just pour one y amaza little by little if you need more add more)
1 envelope of yeast
4 tablespoons of olive oil

For the beef

1 pound of ground beef
2 small onions shredded
1 cup of parsley
salt and pepper to taste

Nenas Zetu mixes the flour in the middle she opens a little hole and she pours the olive oil.

Then she mixes the flour with the olive oil, once again leave a whole in the middle.

Then start adding the water and mixing little by little add the water to the point where the dough is not getting attach to the container.

On the side prepare the yeast once it has risen add it to the dough and mix and mix
Zetu teach me to take a piece and and stretch it and attach it to the container a bit higher than where the dough is.

Then cover it with a blanket and let it rise it has to pass the mark, once it does start put some flour in your hands and start making balls.

Then thin them out with a roll, fill them with the meat and close them.

Nenas this is the same way we make bread as well.

The meat pies at 550 in the oven take 13 minutes to get done.

The regular pita same 550 oven take 7 minutes to get done.


Stylomom said...

Wow Mistika.. I like this, seems so easy will try to make it... I like your dishes are always easy to do.. and looks nice to eat too.

Anonymous said...

Your recipes are always awesome!!! We always give them a try !!!! Cheers !!!!!

I will explain It all said...

That looks like a great recipe! Stopped by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!! Feliz Dia de las madres!♥ xoxoxoxo!