Saturday, May 15, 2010

La cabeza de mami

Buenos nenes un poquito de donde esta la cabeza de mami estos dias. Just a few random thoughs

To start my hands are always holding a little person a body less than 42 pounds, I love that feeling, or I am breastfeeding Amir the other day while I held him at night I was thinking that one day his hands and feet would be bigger than mine. It just made me realize what a big responsibility it is to be a mom, to offer that little person all of your knowledge and to know that one day they might know more than me.

Is the simple things of life that give you a bigger insight of what life really is, now I have to fix their DVD so they can watch TV in a couple of years they would be so technology savvy that I will be a dino to them...nenes I can not imagine what would be around in a couple of years to come.

Is scary how fast everything changes just 4 years ago I will breastfeed Samia in the middle of the night and watch TV and now with Amir I breastfeed and I am playing with apples greatest invention so far the IPhone I know nenes when you guys read this IPhone would be compare to those huge car phones that came out in the late 80's.

I still remember my first cell phone a Kyocera that the screen was blue not even color like now days no picture taking and a few basic I can take pics, video, etc etc.

I have also started to read again I am making time for it, nenes one day you guys would be parents but always keep on mind there always has to be time for ones own interest or else we would not be happy inside and if we are not happy we can not offer the best from us. Always find a few minutes to enjoy yourselves doing whatever it is that makes you happy reading, playing cards, drawing etc.

Would continue later with much more

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