Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a wekeend

We had a great weekend I think most of the people in Louisiana did the weather could not had being better, I guess after so many days of cold weather we all are enjoying ourselves outdoors.

I feel so good the week went well overall I stayed with the 3 alone and things went well, and the best part was the weekend we all went out as a family of 5 and the 3 kids did not discourages us from doing it again, however we did came to realize we need a bigger car just because they are too cramp in the back allowing Samia and Gamila to be at each other throats all the time...I can not imagine when Amir can start joining the mess baba and I will need ear muffs.

The last couple of days we spend most of the day outside mainly the girls which i love I get to have them exercise and entertain themselves and even Amir join them outside.  Samia for her birthday receive a bubble machine and they love running behind the bubbles.

On Saturday we had a princess party one of Samia's school friends had it in a awesome place if I had only know about this I will had made it there SAmia was in love with the place and so was I.  THose little girls really got a royal treatment just judge by the pictures.

When we first walk in we are greeted by 3 fairies like Samia call them, then we were usher to the dressing is a whole room full of dress up clothes the girls had a blast in there.  Then they are send to the makeup station, then the nail station. Then they  design their own crowns.

Afterwards we go and have tea and cookies then we go to a fashion show the princess get to walk and even the moms.  Afterwards we go back to the tea room for cake with ice cream to open the presents as well.  After we have eaten we go to the dance room where the girls can go wild and dance.  this marks the end of the party..I just love this place, I guess I enjoyed it as much as Samia did.

After the party Samia was so excited seeing that I was feeding the baby bottle and she wanted to help in so here you are Samia holding Amir at less than a month old feeding him.

Nenes I just though it was fun to share this with  you guys, Guido and Zetu would be arriving Wednesday Inshallah nenes always appreciate them coming here to spend time with you guys, first of all Egypt is very different than the USA they leave their house and Zuzzu to be with you guys and to spend with the 3 of you.  The funny part of these trip is that they have being fighting baba with the luggage because they can not believe they can only bring one bag each and it can not weight more than 25 kilos they are baffle with it.  

Guido not being satisfied decided to mail all of his and Zetu's  clothes and some other stuff.  Yes he is either shatra or too funny, the past couple of days I received an about 2 boxes per day...with is old stuff like he calls it, he says he prefers to loose this clothes than the gifts he is bringing you guys.


Salma said...

Ahh, I am grinning ear to ear. Sounds like it will be a lovely time with hubby's parents.

The girls are lovely as usual. And Amir is a miracle...too cute. You my dear also look are glowing.

El buzon de mi casa said...

Lovely photos of a princess.

Beautiful and Loved