Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Days later

Finally! yes after 2 days of traveling and crossing the ocean Guido and Zetu are here.

They finally made it here yesterday night, they are so happy and so are the kids, I think the girls have not stop playing since they arrived.  Wow I see that and I feel so happy for them since I did not have that when I was growing up.

Like always they brought tons of things for the kids, food, gifts clothes and so forth and seeing them up their bags and sharing everything with the kids makes me happy.

Meeting Amir they are so happy of seeing him is hard to resist a baby.

I am hoping the next couple of days I can recuperate a little of sleep with them here.

Today we went to the Dr. for Samia's 4 year check up and everything is in track we are considering removing her tonsils later on this spring so let's see how that goes, Samia today it was confirm you are a very tall girl, hard to believe from my premature 5lb 4 oz girl I had in my arms 4 years ago, everybody told me you were petite but today they found you are 98% percentile height and weight!!! But who cares about that as longest you are healthy.

Amir today was your 1 month old check up, just like your sister SAmia you are at the bottom of the percentile between 10 and 15 percent...but little by little you will catch up my little man.  Everything else was good.


Mama Kalila said...

Glad all is well.. & love the pics as always :-)

AlabasterMuslim said...

Mashallah your children are still just so beautiful! I hope you can catch up on sleep too while the fam is visiting.
Also, when I was younger I really needed my tonsils removed. The doctors all said it, but it never happened. Because it never happened I get sick easily, I have pits in my tonsils (they look like the moon!) and food gets stuck in them. Its very gross. So please don't hesitate if its what needs to be done! If I have them taken out now, the healing process will be much much slower and mucho painful.

Umm Omar said...

Happy to see the grandparents arrived safely and that the kids are enjoying them. :-)