Friday, March 12, 2010

Random here and there

Amir you are growing so much is amazing what 3 weeks can do, but also keep on consideration nene I am awake every 2.5 hours feeding you these days...for some reason you just think that between 3 AM to 5 AM is played time, why you can not go back to sleep like you usually do in your other feedings.  Hopefully soon you realize what day and night is..Yeah right mami, I think like a year has to go by before you know the difference between the sun and the moon.

Samia you are really keeping me busy this days the truth is that between and Amir and Gamila you take much more out of me either by talking to you, trying to make you understand why we are not suppose to do this or that, another thing I have notice about you is that you like to tell others what to do, hard to believe that you are so quite and calm but love delegating others what you are suppose to do.

Next week guido and zetu should be arriving...I know las nenas are going to enjoy them so much.  Samia I have also being looking into what kind of summer programs you are going this year so far I have found a dance and a karate and also another like a pre k preparation. Oh and defiantly swimming and busy schedule but nena I have come to realize you need structure and just staying home not doing anything it does not work. 

Oh Samia before I forget every time I reprehend always give me a look and surely say something like 

"Mami I love you!!!!"

Nenes just so you know what goes thru mami's head this days:
I try to do things every time Amir is sleeping yes I don't stay still, I also try to read as much I can to you guys, mami also wants a new sewing machine hers is acting up royally after owning a Singer for many years and never having a problem I decided to buy a Kenmore and wow they are not even half as good as a Singer so I think this time I will go for a Singer once again..I want one that does some kind of quilting I want to try to teach myself to Quilt.

I know I always want but I guess in today's world when you turn on the TV there are commercials when you go online there are commercials is hard to resist, although I am not getting this it does not hurt to want it and read about it and follow it etc etc...After Tio Cesar came and show me his Apple computer I would love to have one...but not right now mine still works and I prefer a sewing machine versus a new laptop.

What baba thinks about this days... a NEW car yes ours is a lease and we are about to finish it so we are into looking for a new car that can pull the travel trailer we are getting this year, we miss the camping but with 3 children a tent is not for us anymore specially the bathroom situation we would be spending the whole night running to the yes he is into the car and the travel trailer...The car I don't care much for but the travel trailer that I can not wait for.

Nenas this goes for you guys, I have people ask me how I can do it with 3 and alone and nenas is not easy in life nothing is hard as longest you are organize and not lazy wake up early and your day would always be a better one...follow this always in life waking up early and being organize can make a huge difference.

Los amo!!!!

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