Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roll the spring

A few things have being going on here mami got hit with a horrible stomach bug..I think the last time I felt like this was when I got sick with a stomach bug when I was pregnant with Samia, I was in bed for exactly 24 hours with the chills and visiting the bathroom every hour.  Thank God Guido and Zetu are here to help me if not I don't know if I could have done it.

There are several things going around the house lately we are in a planting mode, I have started a vegetable container garden would post pictures and my advances later on.  However Samia and I started some seed planting here at home even Zetu teach Samia the beauty of bean growing.

I started the seeds for tomatoes and strawberries I am doing the ones that hang never done them before would try this year if it really works, keep your fingers cross.  I am also enjoy seeing how SAmia is so involved in the process of the seeds and seeing them grow.

The other day while Samia was in school Guido and Gamila  were playing like usually running around and laughing when all of the sudden they are no were to be found or heard and wallah this is what I found,,,it was so cute

Amir you are growing so fast you are starting to spend more time awake now which is nice but also an adjustment since I have to learn to divide my time well between the 3 of you and now with Amir awake I am trying to incorporate him more and more.  Amir my boy I think everything you eat goes to your you do have cheeks and you make the funniest faces when you sleep.


Kim said...

I think Amir looks like a Mini-Samia! SO SO SO CUTE! I hope you're feeling better! XOXO!

Khadra said...

I have been neglecting blog land so I didnt know you had your baby, CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is adorable :) :) Sorry you arent feeling great.

MK said...

Awww! Amir is such a cutie! And the planting looks like fun. I can't wait until we get going on our new garden. Have to actually move in first though lol.