Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go up the ladder turn off the fire

Needless to say to those who live down south in Louisiana the weather is just great, hard to think than in a couple of weeks we would be baking from the heat, I just don't even want to think how the heat is going to be compare to the cold weather we had.

On Friday the girls played Go up the ladder turn off the fire I saw it in  a magazine and the girls love it specially Samia, the idea of the game is to jump up the ladder that mami draws with the chalk then at the end mami draws a fire and puts a container with water and a sponge or a piece of paper.  When they finish jumping the ladder the child is suppose to stand next to the fire and wet it with the sponge.  Samia did not want to stop playing she enjoyed it allot.

Gamila because of your age have a shorter attention span so she decides to play other things and just run around 

Zetu enjoys holding Amir I am so happy she has really come a long way after the last time she was here, I am not saying she has stop grieving but the kids have really help, I am just happy she needed some time and help, I just can not imagine what she goes Thu everyday of her life. We all miss Titi Mio  but like she does not body does.

Samia you finally received your butterflies, for your birthday baba and mami got you  a little kit were you get to see the butterflies grow and then let them out.  Let's see how it goes, you love learning about nature and why this and why that...I just love this inquisitive stage you are in.  

One thing I have learn about motherhood is that every stage is special it has its headaches but also its rewards.  

Nenes one thing I have to say about your Guido is that he is hands off he does not believe in I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT. The other day while I help Samia, Amir needed a pamper change and when I went to do it this what I found.

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I will explain It all said...

what a fun game! your nenas are always doing such fun things, you're a good mama!:)