Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What happens when Amir eats

Can not lie it is being a bit busy around the house but nothing that we can not handle.  Baba was off yesterday and Amir decided to stay awake the whole day and eat and eat and eat I guess is a grow spur, also his nights have being very awake, at time I am fully awake with him while I breast feed at times I am half asleep like we say in Spanish "Pescando en seco" meaning fishing on dry ground.

Today baba was suppose to be off but had to go in to work so is actually my first day completely alone so far so good let's see what the day holds ahead however a few funny things happen today...for instance while I breast feed Gamila decided to hide in one of the kitchen cabinets actually where we keep the garbage, she would not want to get out so I had to sit in the kitchen floor and feed Amir while she played peekaboo with Samia.

Is funny but every time I feed Amir something goes on so I have opted to give them some kind of activities while I breast feed so I know they are not being mischievous...but I guess it does not really work.  I set up their markets with paper to draw and paint but a few minutes later this what showed up in the living room.

Amir you are growing and getting more and more handsome what can I say I am in love with my little man.

Amir you love to take baths yesterday baba took the time to bath you and you too were enjoying each others company.

just a few things that have happen lately that I think are funny and I know you guys would love to read when you are older.

-Mami was cutting baba's hair (the picture of baba bathing Amir is before me screwing up) and I royally screw up making a line like those designs people get done in their hair, don't ask me how it happen well baba had to shave his hair off.

-While abuela was here we went to New Orleans to do some shopping and have a nice dinner just the two of us, well can you believe that since we don't usually carry cash, we got into an expressway and realize there was a toll and we had no money.
We were so embarrass but at the same time we could not stop laughing that in our mid thirties we had no money to pay a toll, thank God the attendant was so nice that she let us go.

-Last night while we were cleaning our floor  we had the girls in our room in our bed so baba kept on going in there to check on them in one of those occasions he told Samia:

Baba "Samia I have a camera and I can see everything you do in here"

Samia - Where is the camera? What color can you see me?

Baba - Is a secret

Samia- Well if you have a camera I have special glasses that can see everything too.

At this point baba could not stop laughing and just drop the subject.


pam said...

Aww...what sweet kids:) Love the baby bath pics, what precious memories!!

Mama Kalila said...

Cute! I love the pictures... Hope you figure out a way to keep them out of trouble while you feed Amir lol. I'm starting to think I'll have to feed Zavier on the go (wear him in a sling) while I chase Kalila down and stuff. We're talking about it w/ her now but... we'll see lol.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Your husband and Samia are just so funny! I love how Samia played along with him with the whole glasses thing.

.::Tuttie::. said...

he looks like you!

like a mini male you mashaAllah.
I love how cute and together your family is and your daughter is just adorable. How do you manage to discipline such a cutie?

Michelle said...

Such a cutie!!!

And the pictures of the girls getting into their trouble while you're feeding is hilarious!!!!