Sunday, February 14, 2010

Animals, colors and circles

We finally finish the nursery after many weeks of trying to put together the truth is that everybody around me help me.  The idea came little by little Abuela help me picking the bedding with baba afterwards I decided to add the hoops.  My friend Bonnie help me decorate them and add the appliques.  My sister in law help me cutting the circles for the curtains and Bonnie once again help me sewing them. 

Everything else just came little by little I did not want to spend lots of money on it since I like to change the baby's room usually when they become one year old.  Another thing that had me a little worry was that I did not want to get rid of my queen bed since we have Abuela coming and staying with us follow by Guido and Zetu and I like having the extra big bed in case one of the kids get sick and I have to go and sleep  with the.

Also the room is not that big so I was afraid that if I put too much color it would make the room look much smaller so I used a white base and just add color here and there.  I am so happy with the end result, baba is in love with it, he helped me so much the truth is that he hang everything and design where everything was going to be place usually I make and he designs after all he does have a degree in art and sculpture.

Now we are just waiting for the little man to arrive.

On another note today we celebrated valentines day Abuela made the girls this nice dresses they love them and so did I.  We bake cookies and then I made  a tea party for them they love that, and I love seeing them enjoying the cookies they help me make.  Nenas you spend the whole day kissing each other because it was valentines always remember is not only one special day we should take to tell your sister or brother how much you love them.

Baby today when we finish your room I can not explain what I felt is like soon I will have you in my arms my little man the one that one day Inshallah  would take care of me, hold my hand when I am old.  Thank you God for giving me the chance of having a boy. 

Gracias papito Dios te agradezco todos los dias por lo que me has brindado en mi vida desde el dia que mi madre me cargo en sus brazos.  Despues de mis hijos el mejor regalo que la vida me ha dado es mi madre, no hay mujer ni persona como ella.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but be careful,I noticed the netting over the baby's bassinet.I know of an infant that got tangled and chocked to death with something similar.As soon as he can reach it with his little hand,it's a huge hazard .

Nurse G.

Mistika said...

Thank u so much I usually remove them once they get active like u said

.::Tuttie::. said...

mashaAllah YOU ARE SO TALENTED! Where do you come up with your inspirations? Your girls must have tons of fun with a mom like you. I am meticulously going through your blog looking for inspirations because I have hit a plateau with my son.

enjoy your little ones and hopefully you get PLENTY of sleep before (and hopefully after) the new arrival.

Amanda said...

I love the room. That light up bug on the wall is adorable! And that is such pretty bedding! Good job making that!

Stylomom said...

Great Nursery, lovely really! I cant wait to see little Mistika ... good luck deary!