Monday, February 15, 2010

Milk overdose, Samia and Milo attach to my nalgas!

What can I say it has not being easy the last couple of days I usually don't like to complain well that is only to Bonnie I think I use all of her minutes just with the nagging. I complain to Abuela but I know that if I tell her I am tired I can not sleep I have heart burn Samia and Gamila would not even let me go pipi in peace she is going to get all worry about me and she is not here yet.

Let's start by this I love milk I have always had but I think the last couple of weeks I drink about a gallon in two days, that is not counting the small bottles of milk you find in the car everywhere I stop I go straight to the dairy products to get my fix milk...if it only be because I am enjoying the taste but this HEARTBURN is driving me insane, desperate and I just feel bad taking more than 2 tablets of alkalzetzer per day (well the truth is that at times it has being 3 and 4) for some reason nothing works only milk and more milk.

Now the sleeping usually I am a night owl but lately I am tired by 9 o'clock go to sleep then but then my nightly routine starts first wake at around 11 then 1 then 3 and usually stay awake after it, and for some reason I can find myself falling asleep again at around 6 to be awaken in 30 minutes by Samia follow by Gamila. Not fun!

Now the attachment part, not sure if las nenas can sense that the baby is coming soon but I have Samia following me day and night. If I put a pony tail she is right behind me asking me she wants one, if I lay in the bed she is next to me to the point that if I move to my left I will be in top of her and if I move to the right I will fall of the bed, if I go go the bathroom I try to run this way I can get in there and lock the door, but if she is fast she would sit in the floor while I am taking care of business. If I do get there faster than her she is waiting at the door asking me how long much longer, if I don't answer she starts crying and if I do answer the dialog can go on for hours. No place is safe the couch is the same story...they are also always fighting on who is going to be next to me.

Gamila you are the same a little less however when ever you see that Samia is too close to me the fighting between you too starts at this point I just leave my comfortable spot and let the two of you figure it out that usually involves screaming at each other follow by:

"Mami where are you?"
"Mami come here"
"Mami Samia hit me"
"Mami Gamila hit me"


Mama Kalila said...

awww.. i'm sorry about the heartburn! i have it too... Went to papaya tablets (which do work great) because i was taking so much tums lol. Have you talked to your dr about the alkazeltzer though? I was told it was a big no no to take even one during pg. Has asprin in it...
I'm glad milk works for you though... i can't drink it.

KKGhoffman said...

oh man i feel you with the heartburn i had it bad too. I ate a ton of tums a day to try to help with it.
the baby will be here soon!! yeah!!

Stylomom said...

Haha I so understand this feeling... I remember feeling like this when I was carrying Deela with Deena getting very clingy.. but when the baby arrived, she was all over her, it was lovely to see closeness in kids and them with you.. I hope you do get some rest though, you will need it more and more.

Deare Diary said...

Things WILL get better. Hang in there.

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