Sunday, January 31, 2010

One month left

So the countdown has started in about a month the baby would be with us...we all are so excited..baba is beyond himself he is already making plans with his boy, I never knew how much he wanted a boy....Gamila is always talking to the baby...mami is tired, not much sleep etc etc all the things that come in the last couple of weeks....and Samia does not stop asking when the baby would be born so she can feed him and dress him... because of this we made this chain so every day she can take a link off till the day that the baby makes it into this world Inshallah.

I have not being doing much lately finish a few shirts and a hat along with some booties, my friend Bonnie also had a great idea to make   changing pad with packets to put wipes, cream and pampers this way I can keep it within reach of the girls and they can pass it to me when we need a pamper change..I love the idea and the bib she made me as well.

I am also working in the nursery we have everything just need to hang it and finish it up...I also have being working on the kids bathroom would get this done this week as well.

I know tio Cesar is coming for the baby's birth I am so excited he is always so peaceful and is a pleasure having him around plus I know las nenas would love to be around him.

Abuela should also be arriving in the next couple of weeks she would stay with me a month.

Guido and Zetu are also coming at the end of March...I just love how a baby can bring so many family together like they say the birth of a baby is a blessing.
Jennifer is also coming to visit us with Charlie  this week I am so excited to see him he is gotten so big and cute and I know it would be a good learnign experience for las nenas to be around a baby. 


KKGhoffman said...

I LOVE the hat!! It is SOOO cute!!

AlabasterMuslim said...

Seriously though, you could attract a lot of Muslim attention (and non-muslim :D ) if you ever sold clothing, because that outfit you made it absolutely BRILLIANT and cute!!! You are a very smart lady, I'm totally impressed.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Oh, and I hope you have fun with all your friends, family, and new baby boy Inshallah!!!!

Mama Kalila said...

Aww... Very cute! You have a lot more ready than I do lol

Salma said...

Oh I missed coming here, what beauty. Your little guy is going to be a fashionable baby.

BTW, all men want sons. Come on Mistika, you know it. Can't wait.