Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our New Novio Charlie!

Yesterday Charlie and Jennifer words to describe HOW CUTE he is like Gamila says!!!!
Away from being gorgeous or maybe because he is my nephew and I just see him like this he is the best baby I have come across after Samia, he reminds me of Samia thank God.   So is making me feel good that is possible to have a good baby after Gamila I had forgotten what a good baby was.

He loves to be cuddle he is always laughing and he loves the gilrs..or I should say Samia is head over hills for him...she wants to do everything for him feed him, bath him, change pamper and when I say EVERYTHING I am not  exagerating I just know Samia is going to such a good big sister. 

Gamila you play with him with him for 2 minutes and then forgets that he exist for 3 hours is are like ignoring him most of the time. 

Away from playing with Charlie las nenas have enjoy Jennifer so much they cook they did exercise they just had allot of fun, and is being so much help she has help me allot around the house I appreciate it so much specially now that I being so tired lately.

Before Charlie arrive the girls had being sick poor Samia had a double ear infection and she even had to have breathing treatments she thinks is the coolest thing and fun thing to do...mi enanita...

And here is my house with 3 children I guess I have to get used to the noise level...

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Anonymous said...

que lindos!I was thinking about you!Ya mero te allivias!Que rapido pasa el tiempo!Cuidate, besos!Tu amiga Brenda