Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little of everything

Yesterday we had a Dr.'s appointment the baby is about 5 pounds 4 ounces so is in schedule, we had a little scared apparently his heart was beating too fast, well it turn out that every time the Dr. would listen to the heartbeat our little man was having a they hook me up to the baby monitor for about 30 minutes but thank God everything was fine he was just very active going up and down.

Today was my turn to go to Samia's school and talk about Colombia she was so excited to see me and have all of her friends hear me talk about Colombia.  It was so much fun telling them about my country and having Samia look at me and even stand next to me when I sang for them in Spanish.  When I first arrived to the school Samia's class was learning her letters I have seen allot of improvement.

On Tuesdays we have ballet Samia you love it and Gamila you love it as well even though you don't take classes you insist in wearing tights and this last time you insisted on wearing ballet shoes they keep a basket with spare shoes and surely enough you make a run for the basket and bring me a shoe 3 times your size and another show 6 times your size.

Who said baba does not have a sense of humor????? Lately he loves either letting his beard grow then he cuts it short or he shaves his head always something new and today this was his new look...I beg him to take it off but Samia loves it she spend the rest of the night touching it...I know it would be gone in a couple of days but he looks so funny.

From Drop Box
Today Egypt and Alegeria had a soccer match for the African World cup, this match was much anticipated since when the qualifications for the world cup of 2010 were going on Egypt beat Algeria once but in a second game they got eliminated by Algeria.  So Egypt was very upset about this but when the chance came to played them again they made sure to kick their butt and surely they did 4-0 we had a party at home maybe not like in Egypt with camels and fireworks.  LAs nenas loved watching the TV and seeing how they were celebrating in Egypt.

Baby you get a check up almost daily if is not the Dr.'s is Samia rubbing my belly talking to you or tickling you, if not is baba rubbing talking to you...and if not is Gamila with her medical gear checking you.  She makes me lift my shirt up and then after she checks me out she says something like " Baby is okey"

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Khadra said...

It's cute how concerned the girls are for the baby :)