Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hidding tricks

This last couple of days have being very productive and spend in great company we started Friday by having some friends over the girls always have a blast together.  Samia you and Alexandra play now with no problem the truth is that you too get along very well we have also started to incorporate some learning activities every time you guys see each other, is amazing how the two of you enjoy doing worksheets.   Gamila you and Samantha are starting to play better however you guys are still young and it does not always works great.

Las mamis had fun baking cooking eating and sewing what can I say I always have fun around Bonnie, we tried to be productive not just sit down and chit chat.

Baby we recieved your Moises a couple of days back but after seeing the cover it came with there was no way you would sleep in there so I went ahead and made a new cover nothing fancy but nice and soft for you.  I also catch the girls playing with it and peeking...Wow I thin I am going to have to put bells or an alarm to make sure you guys don't hurt the little man those first couple of weeks.  I know is going to be difficult at the beginning I can just imagine myself running around the house tending to the 3 of you.  But like I always believe God only gives you what he knows you can handle.

So lately everytime I open the cabinets around the house I find something like this:

I have not being able to find out which of the two of them is hiding the toys.  This little two rascals are incredible


Stylomom said...

Its funny but I like it.. My husband and I always hide notes for each other and Deela hides scary rat toy at her baba's usual spots to fighten him and your kids do the same with their toys.. its incredible.

Umm Omar said...

Cute hiding place! I love that last picture!