Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big girl bed

So we finally have internet our modem die on us and it took a while to get one back.  Actually not having internet at home let's you do many things.

We finally moved Gamila to her big girl bed so the baby can use her crib....really I am impress first nigh in her bed and she went down with no problem and she still there, I had a feeling it was not going to be difficult the only thing is the nap but I think she would learn it.  She loved her bed and was so excited as well as Samia.

I was also able to finish my first crochet blanket...the truth is that I love crocheting is so relaxing and you can get hook on it...dangerous stuff, there are plenty of faults on it specially the sides they looked so crooked it was scary so Abula told me to add a ruffle like crochet well you tube is an excellent inspiration seriously you can learn anything in there.  I can not wait to have the baby wrap around this blanket.

Like I mention before I bought a green leather chair I was not sure about it but after decorating its surroundings,  we have made a very nice cozy corner in our room...I even made an ottoman again from one of my Indian purses I just love to put my feet up high when I sit down.  I was never like that but after sitting in the recliner to watch TV for some reasons I have gotten used to it...nenas and you love to sit in the ottoman when I am sitting in my chair or baba is.  I also made this silhouettes of las nenas they were so easy to make and very very inexpensive.  We just love this little corner in our room, I think is going to be very helpful once the baby is born and I have to breastfeed.  Nenas that table next to the chair has being in my family for about 20 years Abuela had it then she gave it to baba and I when we moved to SC and since then it has being with us, they hold allot of sentimental value.

Nenas I love having you guys around even with the mess this 2 little bodies can make but is so worth it.  For instance today baba went to your school Samia this month is learning about the world so they ask parents that are from different countries or have lived in different countries to come and talk and share....Samia you were beyond yourself when you saw your baba, you made sure everybody knew he was baba from Egypt.  Samiuta you made him so happy, please never change always be proud from where your parents are from and be thankful that you have the opportunity to live in a country like this one.

Samia also lately I have notice that you are very interested in talking Spanish you want to learn and learn and you are practicing I have to admit you have the cutest accent and you know you make me so happy when you say your few words in Spanish.

Gamila you are changing allot you have calm down allot you are very sweet and love to cuddle you just love to be held and kiss and love to be lovable.  I also feel you are sensing the baby would be here soon because you want to be next to me all the time..don't worry my nena there is plenty of love in mami's heart for the 3 of you.

Baby you have taken over my body I feel like I am walking with a balloon and I mean an inflatable balloon in my belly you love to move and I know the space is limited but at night you make sure I feel you couple of times.  


AlabasterMuslim said...

So many things to say about this post!
First, it is so wonderful that your older daughter is proud of her father!
And the fact that your younger daughter is trying to learn spanish, soo cute! You are really teaching your children important things.
The blanket - BEAUTIFUL!
The thingy made out of your indian purse - SO AWESOME!
and once again, i love your daughters room!

Mama Kalila said...

:-) I love it! The spanish thing reminds me I need to get that video I mentioned in my last post up... I wish I had time to crochet again. I used to really enjoy it. Glad your internet is back!