Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa ~ Felt ~ Run amiga

This past Thursday Santa found Samia's school with his GPS she was so hype over sitting in his lap, I think I have hear the story a million times.  He said that he was making a list, that he liked her dress, that she has to be a good girl etc etc etc. 

That Thursday morning she was worry that Santa was not going to be able to sit in her chair so she was worry where he was going to sit.  When we made it to the drop lane and one of the teachers open the door to get her out...the first thing she said was "Where is Santa going to sit?"

Lately I being working with felt none stop I am working in a big Christmas gift for the girls I will venture to say that I am about 80% done it has being many sleepless nights and allot of drawing something that had always being afraid of but I am getting more comfortable at it.  While at it I decided to make little felt book for a present.  Samia loves to play with hers but I had never done the ocean or the sky I think I will make one for her, since she is in love with the animals that live in the ocean.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a cold day and if it would not be that Gamila breaks out in Eczema when is cold we would be screaming 


My good friend Bonnie is running her first half marathon...oh I so wish I would not be pregnant I don't think I could do a marathon that is unless she agrees to push me after a while, but I am hoping once I give birth we could do a 5K with me...I am a jogger not a runner like her.

Suerte amiga y corrre!

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