Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas tree

Arbolito Arbolito ya llegastes a casita!
So like Samia says the tree finally made it to our home.  Baba finally got some days off so today after running to 2 Dr.'s the dermatologist for some weird thing I have in my foot, even the Dr. did not know what it was but he made sure to give me the magic cream like he calls it....yes weird weird Dr.

Then I went to see the high risk Dr. baby  you are looking good Gracias a Dios!  Still a boy I wanted to double check since the name still driving us crazy but for sure now we have the name we change the last one but I would not  be surprise that it would change once again.  Today I received some fabrics I had order for my little man I am so excited.

Finally at night we went in our tree hunting this is how the journey started by Samia telling me how we were going to fix the tree.

Then at the place Samia wanted to choose it herself and here were are helping her in her Christmas tree hunting.

After we made it home baba had two little helpers.  Gamila help us find the magic place for our special tree, Samia helped with securing the tree and removing the net.

Last year we bought a bunch of ornaments mainly from other countries made by locals from their area, it was so nice pulling all of them out however I made sure I put them high up so the girls have no access of them, however they are mainly made of fabric, clay they are just breathtaking.  We also came across our first ornaments we bought as a couple this little animals.  I am not fond of expensive ornaments I like things that are different and hard to come by handmade are the best.

The girls helped allot putting ornaments in the tree and seeing their excitement is worth a thousand words, I love Christmas and now with las nenas things are much much better, next year Inshallah I will have 2 crazy excited girls and one crazy boy crawling all over the place.

When we were coming back from buying the trees Samia and baba had the funniest conversation, it all started because I told her she would be taking pictures with Santa tomorrow at school.

Samia -  How is Santa going to find my school

Baba - He knows where he is going

Samia - I know he has a GPS like our car.

At this point baba and I could not stop laughing!!!!!!


Kim said...

OMG! THat Samia Makes me laugh so hard! A GPS?!?! - LOVE HER!

Jennifer Palacio said...

Love the tree & my nieces take the cute cake of course with those ears.... you have inspired me to start a blog of my own, I don't think it will be as elaborate as yours but I will cover it with charlies pictures just for you mama... xoxo Love your sister in -law Jennifer

Mama Kalila said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!

Mrs. Palacio said...

I started a blog ohh boy need help not sure how too post pics and stuff call me...

Salma said...

Samia knows best...
was she kissing that red ornament in the pic above?