Saturday, December 5, 2009

Faces and more faces!

Today we had a wonderful day, that is if I don't take in consideration that I was lock out of the house for about 10 minutes today in the very early hours of the morning, wearing pajamas pants, slippers and a shawl and no cell phone and with a husband working an hour away.  While I was letting Yuyu out, Samia figure that it would be cool to lock the door and go into my room and watch TV.  Gamila figure it out a few minutes later and tried unlocking the door but no luck....not sure how Samia decided to come out and unlock the door.  I now have a plan before exiting thru the patio door I will make sure the car port door is unlock....I will Gotcha Samia today she though it was funny!

Speaking of the devil here is my Samia posing for a picture but I seriously think she is in a face contest.

This were taken prior to us leaving for a birthday party, las nenas had fun and so did mami chatting away.  Samia and Milo this is the first time you guys hit a pitana I have to admit it brought back many many memories.

After so much fun we went to visit our good friend Bonnie, she has just finish running her half marathon I am so proud of her...she did it. 

I am so excited in a week Abuela would be here I can not wait is only going to be a few days but having her here is the best thing she has not even see our new home...that was driving me crazy...Samia is so excited about Abu coming.  Gamila you are still too small you don't understand although I know that once Abu sets foot in these house you are going to become her shadow.

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