Monday, December 7, 2009

Mami Doctor

Samia this is just for you today December 7, 2009 at the age of 3 you told me something that I found funny and scary at the same time your exact words were 

"Mami I decided I can be a mami"

Funny is that you are thinking about this I think the baby talk around the house are getting to you and you are becoming more and more aware of it.

Scary to know that most likely one day you will be a mami...but nena remember if you decide that being a mami is not what you want in life that is good too...we do what makes us happy.

On another subject Milo has become my home doctor you are fascinated with checking my belly making me lay down and trying to hear the baby's heart beat is just adorable. So nene your sisters were very interested in you even before you were born my little man....and yes nene your name still a mistery!!!!!


AlabasterMuslim said...

When you give birth, is this blog going to be for your son too? Just wondering :D

Mistika said...

Yes I being wanting to change the description but I don't want to do it till I have him in my hands Inshallah!

Michelle said...

Your girls are just so cute! And I know your little boy will be as well!