Sunday, December 6, 2009

Loving Christmas

Here a few of the things that I love about Christmas:

I love seeing Samia so excited about Santa and wanting to see him so badly and not only that but everynight she ask me when Santa is coming to our house...I love it is like being a child again and feeling that anxiety I can not wait to see Samia's face when she opens all of her gifts.

I love christmas decorations and some of our ornaments I literally look at them everynight.

I also love the nativity set that Abuela gave us, she has had it for over 15 years and since we got the house this year she figure it was the perfect time for her to pass it on to us.  I love it and  I love sitting around it and telling Samia the story about little Jesus. And maybe I think too much ahead of time but I am already thinking which of the girls is going to want it when they grow up.

I also love the fact that this week we would buy the toys for the abuse woman shelter, I can not wait to see Samia picking toys for other children we have being working on that for a couple of weeks, I being teaching her that Christmas is about everybody and giving to everybody we will see how that goes.

I also love the fact that every night we read a different book around the christmas tree some are christmas related and some are just about being better human beings.

Today I baked the easiest and very taste cookis more like little muffins the best part is that you only need a box of spice cake mix and a can of pumpking puree no eggs, oil or water they were delicious.

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