Monday, November 30, 2009

Funny, silly people

Lately I have being in a funky mood my hormones are out of wack and I am a cry baby literally if you look at me the wrong way I start crying poor baba he comes from work to find a cry baby. I know is the time of the year the pregnancy being alone so much time, but oh well this is life and what can not kill us only makes us stronger. Nenas remember is okey to feel this way we are humans after all and not at all times we are happy and dandy. After having a couple of crying episodes, we decided is good to have Abuela home with us for some days...I can not wait to have her home for 5 days Yippi yippy.

Well it looks like our next stop is New Orleans and very soon....I am glad I miss being in a city...I confirmed it I am not a small town gal this thing of driving 30 minutes in a green pasture to get somewhere is just not my style I need traffic, honks, cement people rudeness I confirmed it.

Okey I am 6.5 months now I have started to buy some stuff for the baby and also sewing I made him a pair of jeans today...I can not believe I will be having a little boy in my arms soon...I can feel him kicking and kicking more often I think he is going to love noise and action between wild Gamila and sweet Samia. Oh nene I think we came out with the name it starts by Z and ends in A like we wanted, I don't really think we are going to change it but for now I am keeping it a secret incase I change my mind I don't want you to know later on in life you had so many choices and mami and baba choose the name you did not like or viceversa.

Gamila now we would talk about you I have to tell you the chancla has being visiting your nalgas very often lately is sad to say buy is the only way I can keep up with your tantrums...Gosh I never knew those existed in such a way, you love to make them anywhere and everywhere is all new to me, but I know you will outgrow them como que me dejo de llamar Anamaria pero esa vaina se te va a quitar aunque se a punto de rejo. Gamila another thing that craks me up about you is that you will ask for something and when you don't get it you start changing your voice making it more hoarse is so funny to watch but I know is not right and it has to be corrected.

Today we also made bread pudding well actually Samia made it, is the first time I ever make and I love it so easy to make and baba loves it since we don't put that much sugar is his favorite dessert he is not too much of a sweet person...Wow I wish I was like him the sweeter it is the better for me...Milo is like me and Samia like baba now we would just wait a few years to see what baby likes.

We have decorated the house for Christmas I am not sure if I am doing my village this year kind of lazy we still have to hang some stuff and since they are not hang look what Samia and Gamila use them for.

Here are a few videos they are so funny is usually what we do after dinner just goof off and be funny people.

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AlabasterMuslim said...

I can't wait to have children of my own, this blog makes me so much more excited! makes me dream of things i can do with my own children one day, inshallah!

i love those funny faces lollll