Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sense and nonsense

 Nenas having you guys takes me from tears, embarrassment, laughter all the time....I am not sure if is the age or is the personalities.

Gamila let's start by you..the things that come from your mouth are too funny, between your voice, your eyes and facial expressions you are the funniest things in earth.  This are some of the phrases that come out of your mouth!

-I hold you
-Lay in my lap lap
-You fifi and afterward you say "Milo is funny"
-You fall and what comes out of your mouth is "I am fallen"

Milo you repeat everything we say...every time you say want us to do something you say "OKEY OKEY" and it has to be screaming.

Samia you are the opposite I am not sure what kids should be talking about your age but this are some of the things that come out of your little mouth:

-Where the eggs come from?
-Where the milk comes from?
-What lives in the water?
-What time is it?
-What we going to do next
You love to plan and make schedules it goes along this lines:

Mami we play 16 minutes we watch TV 5 minutes and it goes on and on......................

-You love to tell me stories what you did what your teacher said and so forth.

Yesterday while at the Dr. you said something that I have to be sincere I did not know how to act, but I think it all came about because I have being teaching about loving everybody no matter if you are white, yellow, black, big, small, long hair and so forth.

Yesterday I had to go and see the Dr. while in the waiting are a black mother came in with her newborn baby.  Samia you were in love with the baby you kept on asking me mami our baby is going to be that small and that cute.  All of a sudden you said "Mami but he is black"  I did not know what to say the mother was so close to us I was just embarrass, Samia you kept on looking at me like what did I do wrong so at that moment I told you "Yes baby he is black and he is gorgeous and remember how I teach you there is white, yellow, black"  Samia you kept on admiring the baby and all of a sudden you said "Mami, I want our baby to be black"

I felt so good after you said that it make feel that you are learning what I am teaching you.  I think now days is super important to teach our children to be tolerant and respectful of others, specially in today's society when there are so many races, just look at us.

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Stylomom said...

This is really heart- warming. My husband had been telling me to write down whatever my daughter says and I didnt. I better start because I usually forget... and from now on I am going to write what she says everyday before I go to bed. You have inspired me!! Thanks Anna...
Congratulations for the baby boy... you will be like me. One son and 2 daughters and your life will never be the same again mashallah. :)