Saturday, November 7, 2009

Play pretend*****

I have to start saying that I am very sad one of my good friends brother passed away the day before yesterday and it just hurts me so much!  Maybe because it bring backs so many memories I could not stop crying when I first heard the news he was such a lovable person, eventhough life had already played a trick on him, he was full of life and had the best personality you can think off.  I just pray to give his family strenght to endure his loss.

Baba was gone for a couple of days last week and I can see how much Samia misses him.  Baba usually plays allot whith  them and loves to play their pretend games, usually he is the prince that wakes up the sleeping princess in this case Samia.  Samia tends to change the princess attire all the time sometimes she is a Dr. princess, sometimes elmo and lately the unicorn princess.  She was playing and I could tell she was stuck in the sleeping part, so I offer to be the prince.

I went ahead and put a hat and set off to wake her up, to my surprise when I arrived she said I did not look like baba she then proceeded to take me to baba's closet and make me wear this.

Gamila for some reason you are a very well behaved girl when we are outside but when you get home is a complete different story, you jump you scream you throw yourself in the floor you are in denial of picking up your toys, things are not so smooth in the house with you.  On Friday you were stuck a chair for about 30 minutes I tried to pull you out but I think you got scared after a while and would not flex to make things easier for me.  I have to admit I was freaking out as well.

Today is Gamila's actual birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESA!~~~~


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Gamila!!!!!!

Wenbren Explains It All said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!Que dios te la bendiga siempre!