Monday, November 2, 2009

Crafting away!

Last year I did one of the Christmas gift for Samia, Carmelita her this year I decided to do more of their toys.  There are a few things that I have on mind one was felt food.  The girls love to play in their kitchen and there are certain foods that they always mention so I started searching for ideas to make them.  It took me a couple of days to come up with bread, tomatoes, lettuce, bologna, different types of cookies, doughnuts, eggs and strawberries.  I know Samia is going to love this.

I then wanted to do  this but as I was doing it, I notice it was not coming out that good so I decided to fill it it with the felt food, but once again I got excited and I started to decorated it the outside.  

I think I will make another one for Gamila just for doll stuff!

I also want to make this puppets they love playing with their puppet thing thanks to my friend Katherine she gave it to us.  I think I will start working on that soon!

Nenas is hard to do crafts when I have you two around although if Samia is doing her activities she let's me work, Milo you are a whole different story I have to keep you entertain in my little sewing closet...funny the other day baba mention how he thinks that in a couple of weeks with my belly I would not fit in there.  I have to take pictures of it.  He might be right it reminds me of the kitchen in a basement I used to live in NY.  

I remember this basement had no air conditioner neither and in the summer I would wet my blanket and sleep with it wet so I could keep cool, and I am not lying maybe 3 hours later I had to do it again because the blanket was dry by then...I still remember that summer....don't know how I jump from sewing room to new york basement, but nenas by the time you read this you will know mami is a bit hyperactive all around. 

About the baby we being trying to come up with a name..hard hard hard thing.

I like Kairos baba does not like it, althgough I am hoping I can convince him I still have 4 months!!!!!

We liked Adam but too common.

Baba has even mention of Yehia but I don't think so!!!!

Baba likes Gibril but this is Gabriel to us in Spanish and is hard for me to get used to saying Gibril instead of Gabriel...I have to admit I do like it but my tongue does a little dance when I say it and not only that I have to think about does not came out naturally so imagine mami with la chancla trying to say Gibril, Gabriel No joda ven pa'ca pelado!!!!!


Anonymous said...

you're soo funny!! Yeah mom's can also mess up names, when I named my children I also thought about how my mom would say the name. I ended up picking names for my boys that I always wanted as a little girl. They are common but I figure the way that everyone's naming their children nowadays will make their name uncommon. Thanks for all the information that you sent me!Gracias amiga! Cuidate, muchos abrazos y besos desde ElPaso,TX!

Stylomom said...

You are sooo good in making your crafts, so clever and where do you get all the time?
I know this name dilemma and I had books and books on them. Still I stick with simple names just for my kids sakes, no mispronunciations or abuse from their friends, you know what I mean..